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Italian Venetian Plaster
& other Imported Italian Materials

 Our 2017 classes were so fun. Wonderful ladies and a man graduated with a wonderful appreciation for decorative wall art, as well as how to best exhibit their own amazing tallents.  
      Always remember that through God, we create the beautiful art we have only imagined.  With love,  Lu

Fine European Plasters& Ancient Clays


Exquisite Materials

Imported and shipped from

New York, LA, Seattle, Miami, Albuquerque,
London, Milan,  & Sicily

2018 Class Schedule
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  Our trip to Italy a couple of years past was amazing and inspires me yet.  Our Classes were really fun, and the newly trained Faux Artists are dynamic.  

  Look out for those Faux Art enthusiasts who no doubt will create some beautiful Faux here in the mid-west.

It was an absolutely beautiful year here in Austin, and 2018 promises warmth and sun as always. All classes are scheduled for 5 days and include only two students. Please look at the Classes page for more information. 

Austin School of Faux has taken on the well tested Italian line of Firenze Lime Plasters, and is considering the Internationally respected Guerra line of Pigments out of New York.  They are exquisite.

Thank you for your trust and support during our many years of successful instruction with amazing products and the many beautiful interior productions we've created.  I have always truly enjoyed each of you and your energy to be artistic and make our world more exquisite.  I continue on a jouney that dictates "we are each the ones we've been waiting for".  So "go ahead" and create the good you have "imagined".  I am.

Sincerely,  Lu Goodwin Mark


Now more than ever Decorative Artists who hope to increase their client base, must respect their client's limits.  More importantly, they need a clear understanding of costs, a process flexible enough to adjust as the project evolves, and the creative know-how to do more with less. The question to be asking your client is, "How do we best spend the money you’ve budgeted?"

That being said, we all noticed our lovely city and surrounding areas began to prosper.   So please brag about your adventurous creations that peak the imagination of Austin's Faux Artists and designer expectations alike.  Fun times come upon us again.   Consequently, I'm teaching Metallics and Glazes with some cutting edge surprises.  Come have a look.

Our classes do run full with small classes of no more than two students at a time. Choose a week and find the most exquisite interior wall coating products in the world. 


Classes are now held in our little studio/warehouse in west Austin. Our main class remains focused on the Old World European Finishes of Mediterranean Stucco, Roman Piazzo, French Country, Italian Venetian Plaster, Marmorino, and a Tuscany Glaze with products from Italy, England, and the America's. We feature classes in Metalics, Glazes, and Furniture & Cabinet Finishes.   

All of our classes feature Terms, Tools and Techniques allowing you to create sample boards of the highest quality and continue on to re-create these beautiful finishes for your home or for your client.   We are geared to insure the conveyance of clear information, hands-on expertise and a comfort level required by homeowners and career enthusiasts alike. You will receive the appropriate Austin School of Faux Finishes class book, chocked full of quick reference material and ideas.  Along with beautiful samples you create and a highly respected graduation certificate you are set to go. (See Classes Page)


For the first time in Austin, we have available for your purchase a new line of Firenze Old World Plasters.  We continue to feature Modern Masters pigments and paints, Glazes, Metalics, European Sealants and Tools, Skimstone concrete finishes, Polyvine Acrylic Pigments, Waxes & Glazes, Platinum S.O.B. pigments, as well as excellent Cheesecloth, Beads in adhesive and Baroque Art Metals.  (See Products Page)

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